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Newsletter # 2

Update on "The Landscapes of Thomas Paquette: Journeys in Color"

My solo exhibition in upstate New York at Windham Fine Arts opened a week ago, and I wanted to share with you what gallerist Marie Christine Case is saying about the show. Among other things, Marie studied painting when she lived in New York City, and so, as collector, practitioner and dealer, she is both passionate and knowledgeable about art.
Please check out the interview I had with Mary Soliwoda either on the Windham Fine Arts site, or my own website. I had some fun answering her questions.

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Bridal Veil Falls painting
Bridal Veil Falls, oil on panel, 10 x 14 inches
Hello Friends of Windham Fine Arts!

I couldn't be more thrilled to have the privilege to present Thomas Paquette and a solo show of his paintings here in Windham! If you have heard the terms a "painter's painter" or "painterly," the landscapes of Thomas Paquette fall decidedly into this camp. Paquette may nod, or offer a tip of the proverbial hat to the traditions of painters he admires, whether Thomas Moran, Claude Monet or Andre Derain, as well as to the reality depicted "out there" in the middle distance between "here" and "there." However, Paquette's painting and its process are completely, independently his own. In Paquette's world, it begins with color blocking directly onto the canvas to create different fields that will evenutally lead to a composition. The underpainting may not, frequently does not, begin with the same palette that ends up on the surface, although hints of it remain, layered like so many memories of a meandering journey. Can the particularly Paquette purples really be observed in reality by the average eye? But that is what makes the artist, just that - an artist! It is the eye of the artist that "sees" what others cannot, and it is the artist who graces us with a small sampling of his view of the world. I do hope you will grace us with your presence in the gallery this weekend and welcome this marvelous contemporary painter!


Approaching Dusk, gouache on rag board, 2-7/8 x 3-3/8 inches
Hello Friends of Windham Fine Arts!

Well, isn't it just teasing that I include a black and white little gem as the opener for this note reminding you that there is an open invitation to come in and see this solo show "The Landscapes of Thomas Paquette: Journeys in Color"? When I walk in the gallery, my new ritual is to stand in front of this little piece and let my gaze go deep into the image of that road curving in the distance, and to marvel at how Thomas can conjure that feeling of driving into the night in such a tiny space. I drive a lot, and I know that feeling of night coming on in the countryside, especially when you still have quite a distance to go on that journey... The trees feel almost animate, long reaching shadows start dancing in the headlights as color recedes and the music suddenly seems louder and the sky starts to disappear... And then, I turn around and see all the Paquette colors just pop! on all the other paintings in the gallery. Light, light, light... this is what enables us to perceive color. I won't ramble on more here, as the light now fills the room and I look forward to today's drive... BUT I invite you to pop over to our website and check out a TERRIFIC interview with Thomas by our writer, Mary Soliwoda! You will get a unique insight into the lively mind of this unique artist!

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