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Paintings from Provence, South of France
Spring in Provence I, 14 x 16
View from Montfuron in the Luberon, 14 x 16
View from Montfuron
* Spring in Provence I
Roman Bridge in the Alps, 16 x 14 Bridge at the Old Mill, 16 x 14
Roman Bridge in the Alp Bridge at the Old Mill
Fortress, Colmars les Alpes, 16 x 14
Approaching Colmars, 16 x 14
Fortress, Colmars les Alpes
Approaching Colmars
Spring in Provence II, 16 x 14
Approaching Storm, Collobriere, 16 x 14
* Spring in Provence II Approaching Storm
Laundry in the Chestnut Trees, 14 x 16
View from the Church, Bonnieux, 14 x 16
Laundry in the Chestnut Trees
View from the Church, Bonnieux
Riverside Trees Fall Road to Zoar Valley -
Autumn Smolder Tributary / Tribute


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