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A sampling of reviews, interviews, and articles from the much longer Bibliography list
here for a few quotes from these articles.

· July 2021:
U.S. Department of State: "Three Questions - Thomas Paquette."
video interview by Amanda Brooks

· July 2021:
Your Local Daily: "Paquette's Art as Ambassador."
article Brian Hagberg

· April 2019:
American Art Collector: "Life on the Mississippi"
article by Rochelle Belsito.

· July 2018:
Lake Erie Lifestyle Magazine: "Mississippi and More. Thomas Paquette of Warren has his own style."
feature article by Brian R. Sheridan.(download PDF -1MB)

· September 2018:
American Art Collector: "Atmospheric Lands"
article by John D. O'Hern.

· July 2018:
Lines and Colors: "Thomas Paquette - America's River Re-Explored"
web article by Charley Parker. (download PDF - <1MB)

· April 2018:
The Artist's Road: "What might happen? Thomas Paquette's Mississippi River Odyssey "
web article by John Hulsey.

· April 2018:
Mississippi Valley Traveler: "Thomas Paquette's Visions of the Mississippi "
web interview by Dean Klinkenberg.

· April 2018:
America's River Re-Explored: "Prelude to an Odyssey "
catalogue essay by Judith A. Curtis.

· February 2018:
Santa Maria Sun: "Not a drop to spare "'
review by Rebecca Rose.

· July 2017:
Chautauquan Daily: "'Resting Place' reminds us that 'this country, regardless of its stuggles, is home'."
review by guest critic Melissa Kunst.

· July 2017:
Chautauquan Daily: "Resting Place: Artists keep eyes on the horizon in Strohl landscape show."
article by staff writer Adrianna Jereb.

· February 2017:
WBFO National Public Radio: "Artist remains committed to cherished landscapes"
audio interview with Morning Edition host Jay Moran.
WBFO site.] [Download mp3]

· December 2016:
Times Observer: "Spanning the Globe: Paquette's works see the world through Arts in Embassies Program"
feature article by Stacey Gross.

· September 2016:
Sharon Herald: "Landscape painting 'essential' in modern age"
feature / review by Joe Pinchot.

· June 2016:
Minneapolis Star Tribune: "The parks that art built"
feature /review by Mary Abbe.

· January 2015:
Fine Art Connoisseur/Fine Art Today: "Touching on Water: Necessity for life and artist's inspiration"
review by Jeffrey Carlson.

· January 2015:
Art Daily: "'Touching on Water - Paintings by Thomas Paquette' opens at The Rockwell Museum"

· November 2014:
Erie Times: "Celebrating Nature"
interview with Karen Rene Merkle.

· November 2014:
WBFO National Public Radio: "Exhibit honors the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act"
interview with Morning Edition host Jay Moran.

· October 2014:
Conservation Alliance blog: "On Nature's Terms"
interview with Josie Norris.

· February 2014:
Santa Barbara News-Press: "The Art and Challenge of Keeping It Wild - Paquette at Wildling"
review by Josef Woodard.

· February 2013:
Lines and Colors: "Thomas Paquette - Souvenir"
review by Charley Parker.

· June, 2011:
American Art Collector magazine: "Thomas Paquette: The Conserved Maine Landscape"
preview by John O'Hern.

· March, 2011: : "Voices of Experience: Thomas Paquette" parts 1, 2, and 3.
video interview by John Hulsey.

· November, 2010:
Minneapolis Star Tribune: "The Substance of Light"
preview by Mary Abbe.

· July 2010:
WJTN radio interview: "Seeing the Trees exhibition"
interview by Jim Roselle and Dennis Webster, with Jane Johnson.

· February 2010:
Windham Fine Arts blog: "In the Artist's Studio: with Thomas Paquette"
interview by Mary Soliwoda.

· August 2009:
Maine Home + Design: "Capturing the Color of Light"
article by Suzette McAvoy.

· April 2009:
Roz Wound Up: "Profile: Thomas Paquette's Gouache Landscapes"
book review by Roslyn Stendahl.

· April 2009:
ARTnews: "Adirondack Art Today"
review by Mona Molarsky.

· September 2008:
Lines and Colors: "Thomas Paquette - update"
review by Charley Parker.

· March 2008:
American Art Collector magazine: "The Coming of Spring"
article by John O'Hern.

· March 2007:
American Art Collector magazine: "American Acadia"
article by Joshua Rose.

· March 2007:
Lines and Colors: "Thomas Paquette"
review by Charley Parker.

· August 2006:
American Art Collector magazine: "A ... perfect mix of structure and theory"
article by Joshua Rose.

· February 2006:
Eleutheros Typos: "Art, The Best Ambassador"
news article - in Greek - on paintings in our Athens embassy.

· Spring 2005:
ShopTalk journal: "Is the Landscape Contemporary?"
interview with Rob Katkowski.

· January 2005:
Art Matters magazine: "Delaware Roundup"
review by R.B. Strauss.

· September - December 2004:
Erie Art Museum catalogue: "Thomas Paquette: Traversed Lands"
essay by John D. O'Hern. [text version]

· October 2004:
SIUE Alumni Magazine: "Paquette is an Ambassador of Art"
article by Greg Conroy.
· Spring 2004:
Northern Woodlands Magazine, "The Outdoor Palette"
article by Carrie Sandin.

· October 2003:
Maine Sunday Telegram, "At Jameson Gallery, Pure Poetry on Canvas"
review by Phil Isaacson.

· September 2002:
Artefakt Magazine, "Thomas Paquette: The World of Naturalism"
feature story by Dean Wells.

· April 2002:
Crary Art Gallery, "Thomas Paquette: The Land Observed"
essay by Jon Zurn.

· July 2001:
Georgia Museum of Art, "Vibrant Excursions: Paintings by Thomas Paquette"
essay by Josephine Bloodgood.

· February27, 2001:
Morning Sentinel, "Painting Recovered"
news article by Doug Harlow.

· December 3, 2000:
New York Times, "Intimate Landscapes"
review by Helen Harrison.

· June 2, 2000:
Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Gardens of the Mind"
review by Mary Abbe.

· January 27, 2000:
Maine Times, "Approaching the greatest mountain, carefully"
review by Kit Pfeiffer.

· December 5, 1996:
Casco Bay Weekly, "The art of moving paint around"
feature by Mary Beth Lapin.

· August 27, 1995:
Maine Sunday Telegram, "At Round Top, big things come in little Paquettes"
review by Philip Isaacson.

· April 22, 1994:
Maine Times, "Paquette at Maine Coast: Two ways to preserve the landscape"
review by Haines Sprunt Tate.

· April 10, 1994:
Maine Sunday Telegram, "'Essential Landscapes' show painter's colors"
review by Kenneth Greenleaf.

· October 4, 1993:
University of Southern Maine, "The Transforming View: Paintings of Thomas Paquette"
exhibition essay by Michael Shaughnessy.


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