August 22, 2015

Geographic Samplings

Dear subscriber, here is your update!

Eastern Seaboard:

Tuesday, September 8, Philadelphia's Gross McCleaf Gallery opens my solo exhibition titled Wilderness. The paintings are all oils, and mostly selected from On Nature's Terms (my 2014-15 traveling museum exhibition), minus works owned by collectors, and plus new works. They can be seen here arranged from large to small:

I would love to see you at the opening reception if you are in the region. In the correct space-time matrix, if you will.

Opening reception: 5-7 PM Friday, September 11.
The exhibition runs September 8 through October 3.

Western Frontier:

Four of my gouache paintings are included in another show that opens soon after and roughly two thousand miles directly west (full disclosure: 279 degrees) of Philadelphia.

The newly expanded Brinton Museum in Big Horn, Wyoming, opens its invitational exhibition, Small Works, on September 12. If you drive fast, there may be just enough time for you to get here from the Philadelphia opening because you would gain two whole time zones. This is calculated assuming there is zero construction on I-90 and traffic does not get snarled in Chicago; in other words you must take a route through an alternate universe to achieve this goal.

The exhibition runs September 12 through October 18.

"The Russian Front":

Here are the photos for those who asked about them, taken just another 5,194 miles beyond Big Horn, in the Grand Salon of the U.S. Ambassador's residence in Moscow (mentioned in a prior newsletter). These three works were loaned to help broker peace and accord throughout the land until they return to my studio at the end of the Ambassador's tenure in a year. They'll have done what they can.

Link to see a bit of the place:


For the extremely small portion of humanity who missed my talk at the Burchfield Penney Art Center this spring (Buffalo, May), I just discovered this short synopsis on the museum's site, written by a Buffalo State grad student (Katie Mallaber), that might fill them in.

Oh, and this, since we happen to be in Blogland. A blog entry about my Gouaches book, brought to my attention just a few cybermiles down the virtual road (John Patrick Weiss).

I included these because I am humbled by people who see my work and are moved somehow. Thank you.

... and Beyond:

Is there a beyond? Not in this email.

I hope you are enjoying your whereabouts wherever they may be, just now and, okay, ...beyond.