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The Rockwell Museum
, Corning, NY
January 23 - March 29, 2015

Artist talk and public reception Wednesday, January 28, 5:30 - 7:30 - sold out -

An interview with the Rockwell Museum was broadcast on WENY HD TVNews about this exhibition.

An article about Touching on Water is featured on[jpg]
An article about the show was also featured on Fine Art Connoisseur magazine's Fine Art Today.

Touching on Water is a collection of seventy-six of Thomas Paquette's paintings in oil and in gouache dating from 1992 through 2014. Each composition is brought to focus by some form of water, an almost-too-common-to-be-noticed part of our lives, often rendered invisible to conscious attention by its very centrality to life. These paintings bring it back to our eyes and minds, focusing our regard on this most ubiquitous but extraordinary and vitally important element in our daily lives.

You can preview the show and catalogue here.
Visit the Rockwell Museum's website for more information.

To order the 100-page / 78-image catalogue, please visit Eyeful Press.


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