December 14, 2020

Dear Subscriber:

My thanks to those of you who reported that you thought you had seen my paintings in the movie Let Them All Talk, filmed aboard the Queen Mary 2.

To verify for you, and out of curiosity, I signed up with HBO to see what you were all talking about.

Given the amount of great art on board, I was very surprised to see that one of my works, Phantom Canyon III, was on-screen often - and prominently - for several minutes, as it was in the posh suite that the star (as a famous author) occupied. Below is a typical view. The painting was never obscured, making me wonder if the director, Stevem Soderbergh, included it so often to convey something parallel to the story? Or maybe it was just a nice arrow pointing to Meryl Streep. Guess you'll have to see the film for yourself to decide.

There were actually four paintings of this river bend from that intriguing Nature Conservancy property in Colorado, Phantom Canyon Preserve, where I was a guest artist. All four of them went to my first US embassy exhibition (of nineteen at this point), in Chad, where they were on display for six years.

Two of them, shown below, are still available. Let me know if you are interested!

Phantom Canyon I, 22 x 27 inches, oil on panel Phantom Canyon IV, 27 x 22, oil on panel

Wishing you health and happiness!

- Thomas

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