December 7, 2020

Dear Subscriber:
Three similar things popped up recently, like a gift set, and I thought I would tell you about them, just in time for the holidays!*

*[Note: There is no actual connection to the holidays here, but happily, anything at this time of year is by definition just in time for the holidays.]

1. A video about my studio

The architects I hired to help design my studio (InScale Architects, highly recommended, by the way) had videos created recently to document some of their projects including my studio. Stratos Media Solutions made an exceptionally well-shot video, as you can see for yourself HERE.

2. A video about my work

Then a couple of weeks ago, I was asked if I might do a short video to expound on my process regarding some small paintings I have in an exhibition at the Brinton Museum (running through the 21st of this month as mentioned in a previous newsletter). I decided to do one of those popular "ambush videos" by filming myself in the morning slightly before I was awake. You can witness the results HERE. Apologies for the sound. Lavalier mics were not invented that early in the morning.

You might suspect I included my own video here just to make the Sratos video (above) look even better. And I wouldn't blame you.

3. A movie about, um, I don't really know

A while ago I was asked to sign a copyright consent to allow my paintings that are in the onboard collection of Cunard Lines' Queen Mary 2 to be filmed for a movie called Let Them All Talk. I just noticed that it opens on December 10 on HBOmax.

I do not have cable, so I am letting you know in case you do and are inclined to watch, with the caveat that it's very possible that neither of my paintings are actually shown in the movie. They were installed just before the ship's maiden voyage in the forward-most top-deck suite on the starboard side, and they may not have filmed in that suite. My two paintings are Phantom Canyon III and Broken-Limbed Tree, in case you spot them.

Here is a description of the film on Rotten Tomatoes, where it has a very rare 100% rating: "[Meryl] Streep, [Candace] Bergen, and [Diane] Wiest all sparkle in Steven Soderbergh's deliciously sophisticated and smart comedy set during an actual Queen Mary cruise from New York to England."

Best wishes to you! Stay healthy.

- Thomas

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