April 24, 2020

In the Days of Pandemic

Stay In, 30 x 34 inches, oil on linen

Dear Subscriber:

When I painted Stay In, above, I had no idea it would so uncannily foreshadow our lives now.*

Anyway, I hope you are healthy as can be, and coping well.

Like all of us, I've had at least some inconveniences to report. For instance, my exhibition From the Surface at Principia College in Illinois was closed due to COVID-19 after just two weeks. There may be a virtual-experience video of the exhibition produced at some point. We'll see..

My next exhibition was scheduled to open at Minneapolis's Groveland Gallery this weekend, Saturday, April 25th –-- and it still is!

Etched Evening Sky, 24 x 34 inches, oil on linen

At this time, Near Horizons is necessarily online-only. Starting April 25 through May 30, see an online catalogue of the exhibition, along with more information at

When the world regains its balance, in autumn a reprise of this exhibition will be held at the gallery with actual paintings on walls and the artist in attendance at the opening reception and all that stuff. Stay tuned to see you there.

But now, you can visit this show online!

Next month I hope to confirm details for the exhibition (Here and There) in Santa Fe that includes some of my larger paintings, at EVOKE Contemporary - May 29 through June 20.

Thank you for subscribing!

- Thomas

*The story of Stay In [available] is found in the Field Notes in my America's River Re-Explored catalogue. [Available from Amazon and] Basically, I was stopped for a long while in the middle of a swing-bridge crossing the Mississippi River, waiting for a barge to pass. The sign admonished all to "stay in vehicle" – which in my case proved impossible on such a fine day. Stay In stands as a reminder of the things we wish for just outside our safety zones, the beauty just outside our plans.

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