May 23, 2018

What Might Happen / Visions of the Mississippi

Gallery Walk and Talk at Minnesota Marine Art Museum for "America's River Re-Explored"

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First, to answer a question that keeps coming up: Yes, virtually all paintings in my traveling museum exhibition America's River Re-Explored are or will be for sale; some are already sold. Email me for further details.

Next, the subject of this email refers to the titles of two interviews/articles about the exhibition that were published when it opened a few weeks ago. I can highly recommend subscribing to both of these web sites!

What Might Happen? Thomas Paquette's Mississippi River Odyssey
by John Hulsey

Thomas Paquette's Visions of the Mississippi River
by Dean Klinkenberg

And this link is for those of you who wanted to know more about Palimpsest (above), my final painting of the Mississippi which shows its sinking delta from a small plane. A few days ago, I heard this NPR news article that explains the disappearing delta phenomenon very well.

exhibition catalogue

And finally, for any who don't already have one, the 84-page exhibition catalog is available from the Minnesota Marine Art Museum shop or from Eyeful Press. It includes essays, field notes, and reproductions of all 45 paintings in the exhibition, plus twenty full-page detail photos at 100% scale.

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