April 12, 2018

The big river show opens
and other news items

Greetings Friend:

Here is the latest news from my studio:

Grand opening of "America's River Re-Explored"

at MMAM from April 19 through August 26

The solo exhibition of 45 oil paintings, "America's River Re-Explored: Paintings of the Mississippi from Source to Gulf," is unveiled next week after years in the making. The grand opening preview reception is Thursday April 19, 5-7pm at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum (MMAM) in Winona, Minnesota.
The $10 entrance fee will be waived if you say you are my guest. Which you are.
I will give a talk in the gallery on Saturday April 21 at noon, which is sponsored and free to all.



exhibition catalogue

New catalogues

I am very happy to announce that the 10-inch by 10-inch, 84-page exhibition catalogue was printed beautifully, and is available for $30 from the MMAM shop or online, direct from Eyeful Press. The book (cover shown above) includes images of all 45 paintings in the exhibition, plus twenty full-page detail photos at 100% scale, printed to appear identical to 10-inch by 10-inch sections of several of the larger paintings. These were included because the texture and surfaces of the paintings, lost in smaller reproductions, are so integral to my work.

store.mmam.org/books *books will be available when the exhibition opens

www.eyefulpress.com *books available now, $30 shipping included

New prints

Minnesota Marine Art Museum has printed high-quality reproductions of a dozen different paintings in this exhibition, available at their gift shop.

store.mmam.org/books *Prints will be available when the exhibition opens

New paintings available

Many of the paintings created for this project over the last three years may be pre-purchased with the caveat that most need to stay with the exhibition as it travels to the other two museums into 2019. Inquire. If you are interested you can contact me or my representatives for more information.


New website

I am very I have a completely new website at thomaspaquette.com.

It can be slow when many people are hitting on it, but it is also slow because I wanted to strike a balance between quick-loading, and big, sharp images -- and it looks that the scale tipped in favor of bigger, clearer images. You can't have it all. I hope you have patience while the galleries load, and will appreciate the reasoning if not the speed. They do eventually load, I need to assure you.

Best wishes!


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