November 13, 2014

New Exhibition/Newspaper Story/NPR Interview/
Closing Exhibition/Virtual Tour/Free Catalog/Whew!

Many topics to cover in this one. Let's see how brief I can be.

Exhibition opening - Indiana
You are invited to the final leg of On Nature's Terms, which opens December 13 at the Evansville Museum and runs through March 8. (The details are in the image above; email me if you can't read it or need more details.)

Exhibition closing - New York
The above news means that the On Nature's Terms exhibition is soon leaving Quick Center for the Arts at St. Bonaventure University. It closes in just over a week, on Saturday, November 22, in case you still have the opportunity to see it there.

Radio interview - NPR Buffalo
News reporter Jay Moran of Buffalo's NPR News Station WBFO-FM interviewed me at the Quick Center about On Nature's Terms. The segment was broadcast November 6, but you can hear it / read the story here or on the station's site.

Newspaper coverage - Erie
Karen Rene Merkle of Erie Times News interviewed me about my show in an article that was published on November 13. Print version is here on my site, or you can see the online version on the Erie Times News site.

Complete exhibition catalog online - free
There are still physical copies of the On Nature's Terms catalog for sale at the museums and Amazon and my site (here), but for the first time the full catalog can be viewed online at - for free.

Slide show "virtual tour"
You can visit the On Nature's Terms exhibition virtually by taking this slide show tour of the Quick Center installation.


There! I think it's about as concise as possible. No extra jokes, no distracting details. This time. Just pure news.

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- Thomas

PS. Keep in mind that some of the paintings in On Nature's Terms are available for purchase. In case that's an interest of yours, I can let you know which are still available.