Quick update / October 15, 2013.

#1 Broadcast and live web stream

PBS / WPSU production of Our Town Warren will include a short segment on me and my work. You may find out why I am an artist - and not an actor. If you have complaints, I will be one of the volunteers you can see answering the phones at the station during the program's pledge breaks.

The broadcast (in Pennsylvania) and the live web stream both begin at 8pm EST on Thursday, October 17. The Paquette segment should start sometime after 9pm.
For the stream and details: http://wpsu.org/

#2 Exhibitions

Besides my large exhibition that travels to museums in California, New York and Indiana next year, there are a couple places you can see my paintings in group exhibitions between now and January.

The Brinton Museum in Big Horn, Wyoming, invited me to show a few of my paintings ("About 6 x 6") in gouache and oil in a group show of small works. The show started in early September and runs through October 31.

Groveland Gallery
in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will open a group show of - as above - new small works, starting December 7 through January 11, 2014. "Small Wonders." Details later.

#3 New works

Riding the wave of work necessary for the upcoming museum shows, I haven't yet had a chance to really do an update of new paintings to my site. But rest assured, for those of you who subscribed to see new works as they are posted, you will be notified!

Check my "News" page for more news.
Contact me if you have comments. paquette.studio@gmail.com

Best wishes for a colorful season.

Heart of Autumn, 2013, oil, 16 x 12 inches